- Ring Coordinate - Vol.9-

-Ring Coordinate-Vol.9-

Crystal Black Opal & Brown Diamond & String & Slice Diamond

Product Name: Collet Ring - Crystal Black Opal -
Material: K18YG/Crystal Black Opal
Product code: 07932_RG-01169
Size: 0.72 x 1.48 cm

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Product Name: Prong Ring - Brown Diamond -
Material: K18YG/Brown Diamond
Product code: 11651_RGD-01201
Size: Stone (approx. 0.44 x 0.48 cm)
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Product name: String Ring
Material: K18YG
Product number: 18RG72-01000
Size: S (equivalent to size 9), M (equivalent to size 11), L (equivalent to size 13)
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Product Name: Kumo Ring - Slice Diamond -
Material: K18YG/Slice Diamond 0.86ct
Product code: 09010_RGD-01205
Size: Approx. 0.66 x 1.48cm
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