MONAKA 大阪  -グランディディエライトフェア-

MONAKA Osaka -Grandidierite Fair-

Monaka Osaka

-Grandidierite Fair-
April 1, 2022 (Friday) ~

In April, the Osaka store will hold a "Grandidierite Fair." This is a natural stone with a noble image that makes you want to call its name out loud.

Since its discovery in the early 20th century, no gem-quality stones were found, but it was not until 2003, 100 years after its discovery, that a highly transparent rough stone was found for the first time, making it a relatively new stone.

The color can be described in one word as "blue-green." In terms of traditional Japanese colors, it is closer to green than blue, which would be best described as "asagi." It is characterized by a gentle yet deep color.

MONAKA's unique tailoring brings out the beauty of the stone, making it even more striking. We believe that this simple piece of jewelry will be useful for everyday use.

Even among the popular flat earrings at MONAKA, grandidierite earrings are rare and vary in transparency, color, and inclusions, making this a very rare opportunity! In addition, the sapphire posts are semi-custom-made, allowing you to choose the color of your choice.

Grandidierite is a mineral with many inclusions, and only a few crystals are selected as loose stones among the many rough stones. Please take this opportunity to see Grandidierite, a rare stone, at our Osaka store.

Grandidierite fair
4/1 (Fri) ~

*If it is difficult for you to visit our store, we will send you photos and videos via our LINE account.
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