MONAKA osaka  -サンストーンフェア-

MONAKA osaka -Sunstone Fair-

Monaka Osaka

-Sunstone Fair-
May 1, 2022 (Sun) ~

In May, we will have two types of sunstone available at our Osaka store: Oregon Sunstone and Lattice Sunstone.

Sunstone has a gentle peach pink hue and tiny sparkling inclusions.
It belongs to the same feldspar family as labradorite and moonstone.
One of the attractions of this piece is the sparkling, glossy effect known as aventurescence, so we hope you will pick it up and take a look.

Lattice Sunstone, as the name suggests, is a sunstone with a "lattice" pattern.
Normally, all you see are dark, lattice-like inclusions, but when viewed at a certain angle, they appear to shine in seven colors.
This loose stone has a clear lattice pattern and combines transparency and iridescent sparkle, making it very rare.It is a rare stone that is only found in Australia, so we hope you will enjoy it.

Please take this opportunity to visit our Osaka store!

Sunstone Fair

*If it is difficult for you to visit our store, we will send you photos and videos via our LINE account.
【LINE ID @monakaosaka】Please feel free to contact us here♪

Monaka Osaka
Osaka Prefecture, Osaka City, Nishi Ward, Minami Horie 1-16-1 Meblo 16th Building #306
TEL: 070-8474-6647

Business hours: 11:00-19:00 / Regular business hours Closed on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.

*During Golden Week, we are closed on Wednesdays, but we will be open on the 4th (Wednesday). Please check the following before visiting.

[Closed days in May] →May 2nd (Mon), 3rd (Tue), 9th (Mon), 10th (Tue), 11th (Wed), 16th (Mon), 17th (Tue), 18th (Wed), 23rd (Mon), 24th (Tue), 25th (Wed), 30th (Mon), 31st (Tue)


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