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[News] Benitoite Fair / MONAKA Osaka

New Benitoite ring now available at Osaka store
It is said to be produced mainly in San Benito County, USA.
Benitoite is known as one of America's three rarest stones, along with red beryl and rhodochrosite.
It has a fire (light dispersion) that surpasses that of diamonds, and its indescribable royal blue color and brilliance will captivate you.
The new piece we created this time is a slender arm with a prong-set ring and Hibiki design.
Because it has a high dispersion rate, benitoite has a beautiful sparkle and luster, and even though it is small, its presence is overwhelming.
In order to allow you to experience the brilliance of the transparent benitoite, It is made with a simple prong design.
The Hibiki ring is designed with five benitoite stones of different shades arranged together, allowing you to enjoy a range of colors from deep blue to a cool pale blue like a clear stream all at once.
Benitoite is a rare stone that is only found in limited places around the world, and the only mine there has now closed.

The indescribable royal blue color and shine will keep your hands cool and refreshed as the temperatures rise.

The designs are attractive whether worn alone or stacked, so we encourage you to enjoy coordinating them with the rings you already own.

📣Benitoite fair / MONAKA Osaka
Event period: May 2nd (Thurs) ~

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