MONAKA online recommend item "Emerald" no.2

MONAKA online recommended item "Emerald" no.2

Hello everyone!

The Emerald Fair started at Isetan Shinjuku store on April 19th!
(The Osaka store will start on April 29th♪)

This time, we will be introducing the second installment of our special feature on emeralds! We will be introducing trapiche emeralds .

Trapiche Emerald is a unique gemstone characterized by its six-directional crystal shape.

This crystal is named "trapiche," which means "sugar cane press" in Spanish. When a trapiche emerald is cut into a slice, a radial pattern appears, hence the name.

This is a very rare emerald that exhibits a crystal shape with six radiating black lines resembling a hexagonal gear.

It is said that emeralds are produced in such rare quantities that they account for less than 1% of all emeralds, and even fewer are suitable for gemstone quality.

MONAKA jewellery offers rings, necklaces and earrings made with this rare trapiche emerald.

The same pattern will never appear twice, so if you find one you like, we recommend you get it.

Today we will introduce you to some carefully selected trapiche emeralds.

Hibiki Stone Top - Trapiche Emerald -
This pendant top is made using the raw stone as it is.
Even among the unique trapiche emeralds, this stone has thin radial lines, making it a design and voluminous look that even beginners can try.
The necklaces in the Hibiki series are very stylish and feature a bail set with carved melee diamonds.

Collet Ring - Trapiche Emerald -

This is truly a trapiche emerald! It's a ring with a strong personality.
The deep emerald green color is accented with bold black crystal shapes. The stone itself is not large, so it is recommended for everyday use.

Collet Ring - Trapiche Emerald -
This is a new product that arrived just in time for this fair!
It's a subdued, calm green, but the radial pattern inside the stone is very unique. Fine lines radiate out from one line.
Although the stone is quite large, it is flat and not high, making it comfortable to wear.

We have many other emerald items available, so please take a look here

Next time we will be bringing you information about "Emerald Matrix"!
Look forward to it~♪


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