MONAKA osaka-  Pezzotite fair -

MONAKA Osaka - Pezzotite fair -

Monaka Osaka
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-Pezzoite fair-

Starts Thursday, January 5, 2023

Petzotite has a beautiful raspberry pink color.
Petzotite is a gemstone discovered in Madagascar in 2002.
It is still a relatively new gemstone, having been recognized as a new mineral only the following year, in 2003.

This stone is rarely produced in limited mines, and gem-quality stones are even more rarely mined, making it a rare stone.

Most of the stones quarried for gem quality weigh less than 1 carat and contain many inclusions, which are accepted as part of petzotite's charm.

The four new rings arriving at our Osaka store this time have stone settings and arms designed to suit each loose stone. They come in a beautiful, warm pink color.

This is a very special piece, so please take this opportunity to check it out.


-Pezzoite fair-

1/5(Thu) - 1/29(Sun)


*If it is difficult for you to visit our store, we will send you photos and videos via our LINE account.

【LINE ID @monakaosaka】Please feel free to contact us here♪


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