MONAKA osaka recommend item"Dumortierite in quartz"No.3

MONAKA osaka recommended item "Dumortierite in quartz" No.3

Monaka Osaka
Recommended item: "Dumortierite in quartz"

This is the third in our introduction to Dumortierite in Quartz loose stones currently on display at our Osaka store.
The event will run until next weekend (Friday, June 30th).

Introducing the Ruth stone shown below on the far left.

【 No.2927 】

Dumortierite in quartz
1.48ct round

Width: approx. 7.0mm Height: approx. 7.0mm Thickness: approx. 4.6mm

I think it's hard to tell the size from the photo,
The size is such that it fits perfectly on a finger of about size 9.
It's a little thick, but it's a size that's easy to use.
(It would be best if you could roughly estimate the size by measuring your finger with a tape measure.)

It was hydrangea season, so we took some photos together.
A beautiful, refreshing blue, just like a hydrangea.

Although the stones are small, the contrast between the quartz and dumortierite is beautiful.

It is plump and not a perfect circle, but a slightly squishy, ​​distorted shape.
It is a loose stone that is both cute and endearing.

The ring size is also suitable for stacking,
The colour is not too bold, making it a perfect ring for everyday use.

And dumortierite in quartz flat earrings.
We have three items in stock, so we would like to introduce them to you.

These are on the smaller side of flat earrings,
These three pieces have extremely beautiful inclusions.

It also looks great to wear them as a pair on both ears.
Dumortierite in Quartz flat earrings are
This is an item that is hard to come by.
Please take this opportunity to check it out.

If you contact us via the following LINE,
We will also send you detailed videos and pictures.

Please feel free to use it.

Dumortierite in quartz & rainbow moon stone order event fair -
6/1(the) - 6/30(fri)

*If it is difficult for you to visit our store, we will send you photos and videos via our LINE account.

【LINE ID→ @monakaosaka】Please feel free to contact us here♪


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