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Rock Pierced Earrings - Amethyst -

Rock Pierced Earrings - Amethyst -

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Product Name: Rock Pierced Earrings - Amethyst -
Material: K18YG/Amethyst
Product No.: 17448_17PE12-01054
Size: W18.39 x H28.09 x T19.27 (mm)

The design of the earrings is made from raw natural stones, and there are no other earrings with the same shape, so each one is unique. The U-shaped stone is placed between the earlobe and the earring post bar, creating an impressive profile. The parts are also made by MONAKA jewellery, and the unique design makes these earrings unique and new.

*This product is sold as one piece (one ear).
*The earrings for this product cannot be changed.

[About handling lock earrings]

Rock earrings are made using natural stones and are made with a priority on design. Therefore, it will take some time to get used to wearing them at first, so when you have time, sit on a carpet or somewhere similar and make sure to wear them while looking in the mirror. Please refrain from putting on or taking off the earrings while walking, as they may break if dropped or subjected to strong impact.

Please handle with care, such as storing it separately from other jewelry to avoid scratches.

If it is difficult to pierce the post through your earlobe, we recommend removing the stone and threading just the post through the piercing hole before wearing the earring.

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Important Notice

*Since these are made from natural stones and are handmade, there will be some individual differences in each piece.
*Since this is a natural stone, the color may differ from the image.
*Please note that products sold in stores may be sold out due to time differences. Although there are individual differences, we may have other loose stones in stock, so please feel free to contact us.

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For orders and repairs, it will take about one and a half months after we confirm your payment.

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For those who wish to have earrings made

Depending on the item, the pierced earrings can be changed to earrings.
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Regarding delivery

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