Refund policy

Special provisions for returns

Inspection before shipping We do our best to do this, but in the unlikely event that the delivered product is defective, or if a product different from the ordered content is delivered, we will return or exchange the product. Please contact & lt; & gt; within 7 days of the arrival of the item.
We cannot accept returns or exchanges in the following cases. please note.

・ Returns due to customer's convenience (size does not fit, different from what I expected, wrong order, etc.)
・ Products that have been delivered for more than 8 days
・Used or washed items
・ If the delivery note is lost or the tag is removed
・ Items that are dirty or scratched by the customer
If the condition of the product at the time of return is significantly different from that at the time of delivery (including boxes and accessories)

When ordering, the product page and size guide should be enough to explain the contents of the product. Please confirm. In case of defective or misdelivered items, please contact & lt; & gt; span> within 7 days after the item arrives and return the item to the << return address >>. Please give me.
* Please be sure to return the documents (delivery note, etc.) that came with the product when it arrives.

Replacement products will be shipped as soon as the returned product arrives at our company, we confirm that it is unused, and we can prepare the corresponding product. I will. In addition, we will only accept it if the item to be exchanged is in stock.
Please note that if we cannot accept the exchange due to out of stock etc., we will refund it. We will bear the shipping cost for defective products and returns or exchanges due to incorrect delivery.
* It may take some time to respond if there are holidays, summer vacation, or the year-end and New Year holidays. Please note.